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July 4, 2007

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Ya I know, i skipped blogging yesterday. I was too tired to even turn on the computer. Decided to sleep early but there were always things that preventing me from sleeping early. Eventually I managed to close my eyes around 1230 am.

Hmmmm I’ve there are plenty of tasks to do at work this week. One way to another it is indeed a delightful news for me. The more I can work, the more money I can get 🙂 I am helping them in their coming event, “Family Day @ Sentosa”. My tasks here are first collating data (data entering) from registration forms they faxed in. After collating those data I need to file in those forms in alphabetical order. Sounds simple right? Indeed it’s a job that does not required the brain cells to twitch so much. It is a form of excercise for my fingers. It is an easy job but a tedious one. There are expecting 2,000 people to turn up on that day. You can imagine how many forms I need to handle. Furthermore due to the nearing deadline, many forms are being sending over which create a paper jam for the fax machine (poor thing). Nothing new there, it is a habit of most people (so far I know).

Like what I’ve said the event is nearing soon, in about two weeks time. It means our side need to distribute the confirmation emails plus coupons for freebies on that day. And I am the one who is packing the coupons now. All my tasks are very basic but troublesome as it required me to write over 600 names, faculty and insert all the coupons. Still, you really do not need to use your brain to think, I can fall a sleep if I do not listen to Class 95 FM through Internet :p To be honest this job is really to-good-to-be-true kind of job and I am happy with it (not going to complain about trivial matter here :p).

Okie my heart is not in here now. I have some problem that bugging me. It is still regarding about our trip but I am not going to write a chunk of complaints. I need to get it done rather than complaining all the time. Hopefully I can settle it properly without making I really feel like scolding the agent now. Hmmm never-mind, will update further for the juicy details tomorrow then.

Good night!

July 2, 2007

Mixed feelings

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I feel guilty! I’m sure you all know why… Yes I’ve been not writing since Friday. Basically that was always happened during the semesters. When it comes to Friday (weekends), my brain stops functioning! Haha of course I’m exaggerating but sadly in one way or another it’s what always happen. I will start to feel very lazy to think about any works even though I have nothing much to do. Just for example, actually I could write some short entry yesterday (Sunday). Since I came back early and there were still time before going to the Church but what I did is browsing away things that I have browsed before. It is called wasting time! I should have done some short entry at least telling what I have been or what I was doing those past two days but I didn’t. I am quiet disappointed at myself. It is proving that my self-discipline is still under developed. What happened with “I want to change” attitude I have the previous week? Not only I did not write entries, I also did not bother much with reading newspapers! 

 Let me see, on Friday I did nothing much. I was meeting up with my polytechnic mates because they had a waiver test at SMU and since I need to take up my spectacles so I asked them for dinner. After dinner we went home separately, it was quiet early when we reached home but I decided to drive out for supper. Eventually I reached home around midnight also.  Then on Saturday I was thinking to watch Transformer as we did not managed to catch it on Fri but in the end we need to attend Hj friend birthday at marina Yuki Yaki restaurant.

 The traffic was horrible, not only it was Saturday but being the last day of 5% GST, everybody was rushing out to buy anything literally. Then the radio announced to avoid Marina Square area as there going to held NDP rehearsal at night. Unfortunately, the restaurant is at Marina Square, what a coincident *sigh*. You might roughly know how the traffic was then so I only managed to settle down at the restaurant around 3 pm, we supposed to meet up by 1245 pm anyway haha… Therefore by that time everybody was easting dessert already. Later I knew that they were going to catch 3 pm show so we (mostly Hj) were only exchanged a few words with the rest of the group and they left us alone. It was better as I did not know almost everybody except the birthday boy and the girlfriend. For them, I only met them three times before without talking to each other. By leaving us alone, it made me endeavor my food better haha. Since it was a buffet, it took quiet some time to fill up our empty stomachs.

After walking around aimlessly, we decided to go home and rest for a while since Hj need to go back to camp on Sunday to become free labor at SAF day at SAFTI. He said he needs to collect as much energy for Sunday. Instead of going home early, his friend called him up last minute for a drink cum catching up session at Boat Quay. I knew it I wont be able to do anything much when they decided to do that. Ended up went home around 2 am worn out. 

As what I have wrote there was nothing much on Sunday. I felt irritated when I woke up around 12 pm, because I promise myself that I will not skip coming to Church anymore. Furthermore since I have no plan for that day, means I will have to go out with my parents for lunch and dinner. Since they have left means I have nothing to eat for the rest of the day. Feeling lazy, I forced myself to get dressed and find my parents at Tampines Mall. I was expecting empty mall when I reached there. To my dismay, it was packed shoppers. Despite of the extra 2% kicking in from the first of July, it did not shake the shoppers’ determination to shop. Then what was the big ho-ha at Saturday? Being the last day where they can enjoy 5% GST was just another excuse given by the housewives, daughters and girlfriends to shop till they drop without being restrain.

I still do not approve the increment of the GST over and over again. It really does not benefit me or my family member at all! For Singaporean/PR at least they are getting the GST packages a.k.a. cash to somehow shut their mouth up from protesting of the often hikes. As what being portray by one of the fast food advertisement ( I am not allowed to disclosed any products name as I do not advertise for free haha), every product is increasing their price! Lucky Singaporean they will have their bonuses (GST packages) now and then although the sum is insignificant with the increased of prices everywhere. 

Okie I just had a phone call that irritated me instantly. We were planning to go Bali at the end of the month and therefore we did our airfare tickets hunting on Saturday. Apparently July is a peak season as it is the starting of Europe holiday season. All the major airlines that go to Bali are either fully book or left a few seats. Fortunately (do not get too excited YET), Hj managed to deal at this Travel Agency at Chinatown, tickets for three on the 25th of July. We were decided to purchase it but since it was kind of rushed so I asked him to say to the agent to confirm the flight for us while we are going to settle the payment on Monday. I even confirmed with her twice through her private hand phone and she state clearly that we have to confirm by Monday.

Now Hj told me that the plane for that day is fully booked! I was furious at instant. It happened twice already to me. First was when my dad booked tickets for three to Jakarta and same case, the agent sold away our tickets. Why these things happen? Why she cannot tell us that we need to pay her immediately before she sells away the tickets? She did not even warn us that if we do not pay on that day most probably we will lose the place. If she warned us on Saturday I would be glad to go there straight away and settle the payment. Was it her fault that she did not book our places because we do not make payment first? Far as I know we are allowed to book the places a few days’ even months before the departure date. Is that because she sold away our places to other customers that apparently willing to settle everything on Saturday?

I was so upset now, if she said, “sorry sir but you have to pay first if you want to secure your places” I will pay her immediately! For this case she did not even say anything! And it was just a few days, as for the first case my dad booked the tickets months before so if she sold the tickets away it was maybe a program error or maybe she forgotten about us. For this one it was 2 days ago ONLY! Where is the agency professionalism to gain customers trust if the agents do this thing to their customers? I am wondering whether they do that because of money or is it because of the system or simply because of human error? No matter how hard I think, I could not find why it is our fault. It is 100% their fault which ever reason it is. Luckily she managed to find seats at 25th evening. Hopefully everything goes smoothly if not I will surely post extra long entry like this again haha…  I just get information that we are back on track, meaning we’ll still be going on the 25th.

So really what is wrong with the agent? Luckily Hj was breathing at her neck so maybe she was stressed up and tried really hard to find the place? I really do not know, from booked the places to fully book and back to have spaces again. I do not really care for what ever magic she performed to get the places for us, the most important is we managed to get seats as what we planned! J

June 28, 2007

28 July 2007

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Environment at NUS is so much different compared with SMU or my previous poly, NYP. Here holiday does not seem like holiday, at all! People bustling around NUS like normal day. It is an academic institution but yet there are so much people that are not students. Most of them are employee from various companies around there. For NUS only, they have so many staffs due to the various departments in different faculties. Besides that there is NUH, NUS own hospital, Science Parks and many more other company that located around that area. So you can imagine how many staffs are working in the NUS area even thou it is holiday period. 

If you compare with SMU, it will be deserted during this period of time. If you pass by the concourse, you can hear your own footstep! Haha of course I’m exaggerating but it is true especially around 3-4 pm. I ever asked the 7-Eleven staff about their business during holiday and they told me it was very bad especially around 5 pm onwards. Eventually they had to close earlier during holiday. It seems the same with the book stores and the Kopitiam. At least there are still people come to have their lunch or early dinner but compare to term period it was much worse. 

Even at NYP (my previous poly), the stalls and retail shops are suffering during holiday period. Basically there were only student “athletes” that need to train with their CCA groups or a few lecturers doing works at their office quietly.  

It will be worsen when the school is re-opening on Aug. My colleague has already warned me regarding the buses and human traffic after the students come back to NUS. It is true, now I still need to squeeze every time I board on bus number 95. Once I miss the bus at 0805 am, I can prepare myself to be late already. The frequency is terribly long from one bus with the next one. I do not understand why they never increase the frequency of buses that go to the industrial area like Science Park and NUS. First there are many people wanting to take that bus, secondly the bus only come every 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes of waiting time, more and more people coming from the MRT stations because of their adding the frequent of the rides during peak hours. The result is when the bus come everybody hurdle around the entrance, pushing each other. Furthermore since the next bus will come in another 10 minutes, the bus driver trying very hard to fit everybody into that puny bus (I wonder why they do not want to use double-decker buses tsk). The result is another 10 minutes waiting to be squeezed like can sardines on the bus. The worst part is that is not the worst!!!! *gasp* my colleague say wait till the school re-opening. I guess I have to learn a few skills first on “How to Compete with Impatient and Inconsiderate Uncles and Aunties”, secondly in “101 Ways to Squeezed onto the Bus” and lastly “How to Stand Comfortably in Small Space”. I will keep my eyes open when I visit Popular next time.

June 27, 2007

27 July 2006

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I just remember I promised to create a time table for this week at the 2 previous entries! Haha… I forgot it because I realized that in order to make myself function well is just to write things-to-do-list.

Since this is still holiday so there is nothing much I need to do everyday thou. Basically I only need to read newspaper (ST or Today preferably), write 1 entry and hmmmm I think that’s all apart from work. I still do not know whether I need to print out the to-do-list weekly considering the little amount of tasks available. So far I only did it mentally, ticking “imaginary” tick-boxes haha… I guess by the time the semester start I will have to print it out and paste it near the mirror so it will remind me from time to time. I need to make myself organize. I have been scattered around since the 1st semester. I did not have proper book to put my entire schedule. I guess I need to dig up my unused diary book, recycle! Haha…

Looking back on my disorganized strategy, I did not have any proper storage (files or books) to keep the lecture notes or the print outs. Since in SMU, I was still could not figure it out which way is best for me, printing out every lectures note and write down a note on it or just using my laptop to take down notes. I thought using laptop was a better way (save up the printing cost too) but the disadvantage is I could not pay attention for the full 3 hours. When the lesson started to get dreggy or when I started to become sponge (that is the term that all professors like to use), the internet access came in handy =p

Considering that, I decided to have proper notes on every lesson I have attended. Again I have difficulties in keeping those intact. It was either I misplaced it or it was crumpled for unclear reason haha… And when it was nearing the exam period, I would still refer back to my laptop and made notes here and there. Therefore it took me quite some times in writing back those notes. However that was not completely useless because somehow it was one way in revising. The more you write the more you will remember. Based on that theory I tried to take down the important notes, re-wrote it back.

Again after some times I get tired in writing (considering of tones of materials I need to cover, again it was back to “preparing before hand”). In the end I stopped half way and just read through everything. I still believe to write out some notes is the more effective ways. Besides making me remember it will make me easier to revise when the exam is coming. When I do not have much time to re-read everything. Point taken (I need to remind me a lot of times), read regularly, make notes regularly too!

Okie I guess I will stop here… Need to sleep early so I will not be late tomorrow! 🙂 Hmmmmm wonder what will I have for lunch tomorrow haha…

Btw I am starting to like reading newspaper. Now I know there are quiet a lot of aritcles that does not talk about politics, money or business all the time haha…

26 June 2007

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Well i guess this way is much better compared to the previous method. What a tiring day. At a good note today I managed to make myself occupied most of the time. The forms were flowing from time to time, made me busy with entering the meticulous data. Unusually today there were a lot of people at the clinics. Mostly are students that are going to be enrolled at NUS this coming Aug. They jammed the toilet! That’s not the worst part. They were required to collect the urine sample for the medical checkup that was why they jammed the toilet. Even the gents! Yes that was the worst part. My supervisor boss (which means my boss also) was busy printing the new gents sign “FEMALE only! Males please use the other toilet!” Haha.. It was rather confusing, I did not dare to go to the revamped gents still even though they had changed the sign haha =p

I read something interesting at today paper. Like everybody knows, from Sunday onwards, (1st of July) the government will hike up the GST for the 2nd time since I was in Singapore. 2% in different is not a small amount! From then on everything will be more expensive, more expensive means I will have more difficulties in buying what I want! It is really irritating to unable to buy things that you want long time a go. I know what I want is not at the primary needs but still I kind of needed it =p I am planning to go overseas this year. We have been eying Bali as our next destination just because he wants to take airplane (he has a unique n EXPENSIVE hobby I know *sigh). Since the GST is increasing (soon) means the air fare will increase too! I have a tight budget but with this increment most of the fare will be beyond my wallet ability.We had this discussion also during dinner time. I was asking what was the extra 2% going to be used for.

Singapore is a really rich country although it has no natural resources. This kind of thing is making Singapore rich. They have a well managed system in controlling their citizen expenses. The good thing is the money they got it from us is been using for the good of senior citizens (by giving more privileges, user friendly facilities in the homes or at public), poor people (by providing loan, scholarships and such) and other minor who lives here (EXCLUDING foreigner!).It is true compared to Indonesia (yes, that messy country of mine =\), everybody goes to the government.

So who will get the privileges there? Only those who have connection with government have it. Can you believe it, a police head can have Victoria style house and it is not small it is super huge! Together with the extravagant furnitures + pool table. I know everything in Indo is cheap but you cannot get that kind of money from becoming a police head ONLY. Can you see the picture, yes, people getting wealthier by the corruption money they have gotten. It such a public secret that to be wealthy, join the government body. Unfortunately for minority like me (Chinese), what we only get is being sucked up from time to time! 

Errmm I guess I am away from my main point. Haha I get too engross with something. One of my weakness in writing, I cannot stay within my point. It is either I do not have enough points with the main topic or the sub point is more interesting and easy to discuss. When I know it I will bring up the main topic again for sure just for summarize the whole thing (something like I am going to do her =p).Back to the GST. Yes it will advantage the minority, to provide the money for retirement, medical expenses, even for their lodging and transportation needs. But how about those people in the middle (neither rich nor poor) like me! What will I get is only more expensive things. I am sure not only me (foreigner) that suffer from this conditionS (previously was the hike in public transport). Many others (although they have plenty of privileges in the future just that they did not or simply wants more) suffer like me. Oh well at least we know where our money goes to. Just take it we give it for charity if you do not want to spend with heart ache all the time haha..


P.S.= Due to technical glitch i was unable to post this entry yesterday. It was dissapear and I could not find the draft. Miraculously the draft is appeared when I want to write 🙂 haha

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